Rock-N-Roll system for seed fill augers for grain drills.
Kasco’s “Rock‐n‐Roll” auger system offers an economical and easy way to fill the seed hopper on today’s generation of no‐till and minimum‐till grain drills. Allowing farmers to save money by purchasing seed in bulk, and to save time and effort in loading the large hoppers, the “Rock‐n‐Roll” is the perfect companion for these drills. This system incorporates a single vertical auger mounted on the drill on a single pivot point. A four‐section telescoping tube extends from the top of the auger, reaching to fill either a 15’ or 20’ drill. The auger’s hopper sets on the ground beneath the gravity wagon. The “Rock‐n‐Roll” stays mounted on the drill at all times, whether in filling or transport position, allowing the farmer to change varieties of seed back and forth with the use of any number of wagons.

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