Drag bar harrows, part of Kasco’s agricultural equipment

Kasco’s drag bar harrows are specially engineered to mount on disks, field cultivators, and chisel plows. Using a heavy crossbar, the Kasco “Red Dragon” Single Bar Harrows and “Double Dragon” Double Bar Harrows will crush bigger clods, level the soil, mix, and mulch. This will also give better chemical incorporation along with superior leveling action.


Drag Bar Harrows

Every mounting arm on the Kasco drag bar harrows is loaded with a heavy duty spring which puts constant pressure on the drag bar, helping it to smash and crush clods. The rugged steel spikes are bolted to the channel bar at an angle, for maximum pulverizing and mixing action. The dirt flows overs these spikes, churning and mulching the soil. This will ensure that the soil retains moisture, promoting germination of your seed. A strong chain connects the spring to the drag bar, enabling the operator to increase or decrease pressure on the soil by simply adjusting the links.

Harrow bars are available in widths from 3-feet to 11-feet. Our adjustable brackets will fit most toolbars.

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