ATV seeder, ATV spreader or turf spreader.

Whether you need to seed or fertilizer small acreage, food plots, or yards, the Herd model GT‐77‐ATV is a perfect fit for most ATVs, UTVs, Side‐by‐Side vehicles, or lawn mowers. This broadcaster will eliminate hours of time spent hand‐seeding. It’s precision metering system will calibrate to the smallest seeds, guaranteeing less seed waste. The GT‐77‐ATVs vibrating agitator system ensures a constant feed of the material being spread. The heavy duty plastic fan will evenly spread material up to 28’ wide; the cast iron baseplate will center the spread pattern for all types of material. Optional restrictor plates are available to calibrate fire ant bait or specialty materials.

  • 12 volt motor (low amp draw)
  • Four‐bladed “lap‐over” plastic fan for even pattern spread
  • Galvanized hopper with 1.2 bushel (77#) capacity
  • Optional equipment includes variable speed rheostat and electric actuator to open/close the seed gate

GT-77 Broadcast Seeder Video

Optional Electric Actuator Video

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