Herd I-258 broadcast seeder/spreader.

A higher capacity electric broadcast seeder/spreader, the Herd Model I‐258 spreads a wide variety of materials, from seed or fertilizer to insecticides or herbicides. The galvanized hopper is durable enough for years of trouble‐free use. The vibrating agitator gives Herd’s Sure‐Feed of material through the stainless steel seed gate. The spread can be centered, and the metering ensures control of the amount of seed distributed. Mounting kits are available for many vehicles, including 3‐point hitch or UTVs.

  • Can be purchased with 2″ receiver mount, front mount or side mount
  • Ideal for front of tractor, pick-up, Jeeps, ect. (DO NOT MOUNT ON ATVs)
  • Only 12 volts needed
  • Includes a vibrating agitator to give Herd’s sure-feed of material through the opening
  • Can center the spread and meter the amounts with Herd’s design
  • Capacity of 192#, 3-1/2 cubic feet or 2-7/8 bushels

I-258 Broadcast Seeder Video

Optional Electric Actuator Video

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