Kasco landscape equipment attachments

Whether your landscaping job includes new construction, reseeding an existing yard, or sports or turf maintenance, Kasco has a product to help.


VARI-SLICE Overseeders

With its unique design, the Vari-Slice Overseeder will seed consistently in either worked or no-till ground. The solid-stand planting style provides tighter germination and more coverage, ensuring thick and lush seeding. With the option of either 3” or 4” spacing of the front cutter blades, the Vari-Slice works well for golf courses, football fields, or estate lawns. These disk blades can be angled to widen the seed trench, or left straight for less top disruption. They provide aeration as well, cutting up even the most netted roots. Our proven meter system is exact and reliable, for less seed loss and better planting ratios. The rugged press wheel cultipacker gives a final leveling grade for your seed bed.

The Vari-Slice is offered in widths from 4-foot to 10-foot, in either 3-point or ATV pull-type (4’ wide only).

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Kasco’s patented “Walking Beam” axle design gives the Landscapers Choice consistent ground contact, allowing you to seed in smooth or uneven terrain. Two rows of heavy duty cast iron press wheels give you double action: The front row levels the dirt, preparing it to seed. The back rows gives you a manicured final grade. With the same cast-iron metering system as used on all Kasco drills and seeders, the Landscapers Choice gives you better control over the amount of seed sown per acre.

The Landscapers Choice is available in either 5-foot or 6-foot widths; they are adaptable to either Cat. 1 or 2 three-point hitch tractors.

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SEED-n-PACK Primary Seeder

For an economical yet solid primary seeder, the Seed-N-Pack is the right choice. Our ground-driven metering system is consistent; the seed flow stops with the implement stops. There is no waste of expensive seed. Using the same proved metering system as our heavy duty ag drills, The Seed-N-Pack easily adapts to a wide variety of seed sizes and types.

The Seed-n-Pack is available in either a 4-foot or 6-foot wide 3-point machine.

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Kasco’s durable Kultipackers use heavy duty cast iron press wheels. Available in either a 6’ or 8’ width for your 3-point tractor, the Kultipackers make quick work of even the roughest terrain.

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When using mechanical stabilization to prevent erosion in new seeding, the Kasco Krimpers will ensure your mulching straw stays in place. With our notched disk blades, the Krimpers poke straw into the seedbed without cutting the straw. The frame includes a built-in weight pan when additional down pressure is needed. These Krimpers are available in 6’ or 8’ widths for your 3-point hitch tractor.

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For new seeding projects, nothing moves more dirt than Kasco’s Dirt Worker. Engineered for either skid steer or 3-point mounting, the Dirt Worker uses six rows of hardened tines, staggered so each row works independently. Working either forward or backwards, the Dirt Worker allows you the maneuverability needed to work around obstacles. This unique tool allows you to go from rough grade to finished seedbed quickly and with ease.

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