Agricultural, Landscape and Skid Steer Attachment Products from Kasco

Auger equipment and attachments


Since the 1970s, Kasco has led the way with innovative equipment designed to less the work load of our farmer partners. Our original auger product was used to transfer dry fertilizer across the boxes of corn planters. These planter augers fill the fertilizer boxes quickly, easily, and safely. Kasco’s augers are powered by a hydraulic motor with an optional flow valve. All hoppers have safety shields over the auger flighting.

Seeder drills


Kasco Mfg. produces the most complete line of seeding equipment in today’s market. Focusing on livestock producers, sun-down farms, and food plot management, Kasco offers seeding solutions for a wide variety of applications, including mine reclamation, waterway reseeding, or pipeline work. Whether no-till or worked ground, drilling or broadcasting, Kasco has a seeder to fit your needs.

Drag bar harrows from Kasco

Harrows/Drag Bar

Kasco’s drag bar harrows are specially engineered to mount on disks, field cultivators, and chisel plows. Using a heavy crossbar, the Kasco “Red Dragon” Single Bar Harrows and “Double Dragon” Double Bar Harrows will crush bigger clods, level the soil, mix, and mulch. This will also give better chemical incorporation along with superior leveling action.

Landscape equipment from Kasco

Landscape Equipment

Whether your landscaping job includes new construction, reseeding an existing yard, or sports or turf maintenance, Kasco has a product to help.

Herd salt spreaders, sand spreaders

Salt/Sand Spreaders

For almost 50 years, the Herd Seeder Company has been the industry standard for salt and sand spreaders for ice or snow removal; Kasco is proud to carry on that tradition. Our unique agitator design is aggressive enough for even wet or frozen material. The same consistent metering system for which we are known is used on our salt and sand spreader, ensuring an even throw pattern.

Skid steer attachments

Skid Steer Attachments

Kasco adds value to your skid steer loader with our line of quality attachments. All of our skid steer attachments are designed for use with the universal hitching system.

Herd seeders and spreaders

Herd Broadcast Seeders/Spreaders

Herd seeders/spreaders include broadcast seeders/spreaders and lawnmower or ATV seeders/spreaders for seed, fertilizer and spreading calcium or salt in ice or snow.