Kasco skid steer attachments

Kasco adds value to your skid steer loader with our line of quality attachments. All of our skid steer attachments are designed for use with the universal hitching system.



Nothing moves more dirt than the Dirt Woker. Rugged. Simple. Effective.

Engineered for either skid steer or 3-point mounting, the Dirt Worker uses six rows of hardened tines, staggered so each row works independently. Working either forward or backwards, the Dirt Worker allows you the maneuverability needed to work around obstacles. This unique tool allows you to go from rough grade to finished seedbed quickly and with ease.

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Kasco’s Switch Hitch will allow you to use 3-point implements on today’s skid steer loaders. This removes the need for duplicate implements, and gives greater versatility to the skid steers. Our design also incorporates a receiver hitch for use with trailers. The Switch Hitch is available for Cat. I or Cat. II implements, including an adjustable design for either Cat I or II.

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For spreading salt or sand, The Scoop-n-Spread gives more productivity with less manpower. The simple linkage system lets you to tilt the hopper forward, push into your sand pile until full, tilt back and spread sand. This gives you the chance to buy de-ice material in bulk for additional cost savings. With our aggressive agitator, the Scoop-n-Spread will consistently spread sand (wet, dry, or frozen), salt, or calcium chloride.

The Scoop-n-Spread is hydraulically driven, and includes a valve for variable spread width. An optional electric actuator allows the operator to close the seed gate from the skid steer’s cab. It is ruggedly built of 10 gauge steel with a powder coated finish for long life. It has a capacity of 1200# of wet sand; 12 cubic feet total.

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